Interview with Marc GICQUEL !

During their outing to the tennis Open of Rennes, the pupils had the opportunity to interview Marc Gicquel, sporting director of the tournament and former great tennis player !

The tennisman we talked to is Marc Gicquel , he comes from Brittany more precisely from Saint Brieuc. Now he lives in Paris.

He started tennis when he was 7 years old. His parents played tennis too but they were not very good. He practiced 3 sports : football, tennis and judo. He’s got 2 children : Noah who is 15 also plays tennis and Lea is 10 and she plays tennis too. He coaches other players.

When tennis players are in the world top hundred, they can earn a lot of money. They can lose money when they begin. But they must pay their coaches , the food for their coaches.

He chose to play tennis because it’s an individual sport so when he wins it is thanks to him, he doesn’t depend on the other players.

He stopped playing tennis 8 years ago to become a coach. Tennis is his passion. Marc Gicquel’s best memory is when he played against Roger Federer who is his favourite player, but he has never won versus him. When he was a kid, his favourite player was Patrick Rafter because he was physically strong. He has also played versus Djokovic and Nadal. The match against Federer is the match he is the proudest of.

Before entering the court he was stressed and nervous so he listened to music to relax.

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